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Amazablaze pellet stove - Amazablaze Multifuel Stoves are American made, high quality, environmentally friendly stoves that heat your home to satisfy your need for warmth.  These are corn stoves and wood pellet stoves built into one unit to give you fuel options when money is tight.  When choosing our product you will receive unparalleled services from all of our dealers across the USA and Canada.  AmaizAblaze Products LLC is dedicated to become one of the top companies in the heating stove industry. We work hard to make sure that we always satisfy your needs.


We are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. Pellet Stove Pro knows that the only way we can satisfy your needs is by making you warm during the harsh cold days of winter. Feel confident that you will receive exceptional products and services by choosing AmaizAblaze Stoves. Contact your nearest dealer and reduce your costs of heating today!  AmaizAblaze is the son of Snowflame stoves, the grandson of DoveTech.  Most of our parts will fit other cornstoves like EnviroTech, Snowflame, Cornglo, DoveTech, and Cornflame stoves that are still keeping families warm.  Call us if you need help getting parts for these stoves.

Amazablaze Stove, Amazablaze Nesco Corn Stove


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