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Grainger pellet Stove - Grainger fireplaces recommends the Firemaster 5 is a small elegant stove suitable to fit into an traditional builders opening. Manufactured in the UK, this stove offers a high efficiency and an impressive output of up to 5kW,enough to heat up the average size living room. Designed for the use of wood burning or smokeless fuel this stove also has an Air wash system which helps to keep the window clean allowing you to enjoy the flame pattern in full.

Grainger fireplaces the Firemaster range of Solid Fuel Fires and Accessories was established in 1930 and now celebrates 80 years supplying the UK & Ireland fireplace and heating industry. A rapid decline in the coal industry towards the end of the last century and greater environmental awareness in recent years has signalled a move over to cleaner fuels such as natural gas and electric.

But real fires have kept pace with these environmental concerns by producing countless smokeless varieties and wood is now seen as a positive carbon neutral option. These facts and the gradual depletion of natural gas reserves leading to ever increasing prices to the consumer have led to a remarkable revival in the use of solid fuel fires in recent years. This sudden increase in demand has resulted in more investment and innovation producing ever more efficient stoves and cast-iron fireplaces,

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