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Hearthland pellet Stove - Heartland’s sturdy cast iron wood cookstoves have been cooking meals, heating homes and warming water for almost a century. Yet today’s models offer the same dependability, comfort and tremendous versatility—with modern developments to make your life far easier than your ancestor’s.

Unforgettable Flavor
The oven radiates heat from all sides, cooking food evenly and to delicious perfection every time. Nothing compares to a pie baked in this cookstove.

Reliable Heat Source
Keep your home glowing through ice, snow and power failures. No matter what is happening outside, you can still enjoy everything from a hot cup of cocoa, a warm basin of water to a snug night’s sleep.

Produces Hot Water
Certain models offer an optional copper reservoir with a tap or hot water jacket. The water jacket can heat a 40-gallon water tank in an hour with the stove running at full operation. Many owners choose to run this system on a thermosyphon*, eliminating the need for electricity. And, the water reservoir provides  ample humidity for the room air.

Lighten Your Workload
Heartland cookstoves are a breeze to maintain. Wood or coal can be loaded from the top or front, and the oven interior is porcelain coated with an ash pan that slides out for cleaning.

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