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Heat Tech pellet Stove -Back in 1979 in the little town of biggs, ca, a small company was formed for the purpose of manufacturing wood burning stoves.

Heat tech industries, a family owned company, has been manufacturing wood stoves for approximately 24 years. In 1990 we designed two lines of pellet burning stoves, and have been manufacturing wood burning and pellet burning stoves since then.

Our stoves have been tested and approved for residential, modular homes, masonry and zero clearance installations.

Our commitment as a manufacturer is to provide a high quality product for a reasonable price, but remain small enough to maintain a personal relationship with our dealers and customers.

Heat Tech Pellet Stoves

In recent years, a revolutionary new form of home heating has emerged. Since its beginning in 1984, more than 800,000 pellet stoves have proven this technology. Convenient, economical and gentle on the environment, wood pellets are a wonderful option.

Wood pellets are made from sawdust and other by-products of the timber industry. Instead of putting pressure on already crowded landfills, this waste material is formed into small pellets, about the size of a pencil eraser. Pellets have the benefits of other processed fuels and are made to the rigorous standards of the Pellet Fuel Institute.

Heat Tech Pellet Stove, Heat Tech Pellet Stove 1 RPM Auger Motor , Osburn Pellet Stove

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