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Pyro Stove pellet stove - Sustaintech's flagship product line is its PYRO brand of fuel efficient cook stoves. These stoves are designed to be both environmentally friendly and consumer friendly. This is how we work to achieve success as a social enterprise, through focusing on our social mission and being the product of choice for our buyers.

Environmentally friendly: Sustaintech and TIDE have focused immense attention on ensuring that all of the stoves in the product line are fuel efficient.

  • High-quality insulation
  • Controlled combustion of fuel
  • Carefully designed internal stove geometry
  • Manual control of air supply
  • Safely collect charcoal and ash
  • Smokeless

Consumer friendly: The product technology is also designed keeping in mind the user preferences of our customers. At Sustaintech, we do not see value in a product that is fuel efficient but gains no traction among customers, so we work to ensure that we continuously take customer feedback and update our products accordingly.

  • Temperature isolation so cooks do not feel heat from stoves
  • No need for electricity to control air supply
  • Easy portability of stove
  • Provides a healthy working and eating environment
  • Designed to address unique customer preferences
  • Works with a variety of fuel types and flexibility in use of different fuels through well designed attachments

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