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Whitfield Stove Parts

Whitfield Pellet Stove - The Whitfield Pellet Stove, one of the market leaders, was first produced by Dr. Jerry Whitfield, one of the originators of the pellet stove.

A former Boeing engineer, he founded a company called Pyro Industries inc. in 1983 to market his stoves.

Lennox Hearth Products, The current manufacturers of the Whitfield pellet stove and a division of Lennox Industries, was formed in 1996 and took over Pyro Industries in 1998.

Apart from the Whitfield, Lennox Hearth Products also manufacture pellet stoves under the names

Country Collection, which used to be Country Stoves, acquired by Lennox Hearth products in 2006.



Lennox Hearth Products Green Credentials

As a company, Lennox Hearth Products takes its green credentials seriously. Employees are trained and given incentives to be environmentally responsible.

Corporate operations are evaluated from the points of view of the environment, pollution and the minimisation of waste products.

Resource conservation practices include recycling, re-use and material disposal.

Burn Smart

To be included in Lennox Hearth Products 'Burn Smart' list, pellet stoves and fireplace inserts have to comply with at least one of these program's criteria.

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. (LEED).

National Association of Home Builders Model Green Home Building Guidelines. (NAHB).

Environmental Protection Agency, (EPA), certification.

Energy Star indoor air package. (IAP).

And must also be fuel efficient and clean burning.

All of the pellet stoves and inserts listed below comply with these criteria.

Whitfield Pellet Stoves, Whitfield Pellet Stoves Parts, 12720004 Bosca Soul 700, Spirit 500, Classic 500 Convection Fan 11-1220 G

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