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Vulcan Pellet Stove Igniter KS-5030-1061, ACIGNAS

Vulcan Pellet Stove  Igniter KS50301061, ACIGNAS
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5 Year Life Expectancy.  1 Year Warranty

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My name is Jason Munson and I?m a Stove Tech in California. 

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FREE, Live tech support at 844-409-5051.  Call NOW! 

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 Fits ALL Whitfield Pellet Stove Models


    • Expected Lifespan 3-5 Years
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Easy to install and uninstall.
    • 120 Volts
    • 300 Watts
    • Provide continuous sheath temperatures up to 1,200? F
    • High Temperature Wire - Fiberglass insulation (Fiberglass woven glass strands provides good insulation for use in high temperature process heating applications) over stranded Grade "A" nickel wire. (840o F / 450o C)
    • Heat Shrink used on solder joints to prevent breaking.
    • Installation Instructions(See Below)

Your new igniter has everything you need for easy installation and longevity.  You?ll notice I do not crimp the wire connectors onto the wires.  This is because the connectors won?t fit where the wires go on some Whitfield models.  If you would like them crimped on before I ship it, just call or email me and I?ll customize it for you.


Manufacturers Info

For more than 50 years RAMA has been the leader of reliability and quality that is unmatched in the pellet stove industry.  RAMA has a team of the most innovative and experienced application engineers that are dedicated to make this igniter more cost effective, better, more reliable, and more efficient. 


RAMA is also a preferred vendor in the aerospace, medical, dental, plastics, aviation, military, nuclear, electronic, and automotive industries where there is no margin for error.  They apply the same high quality production techniques used in military and medical applications to your igniter.

My Promise To You.

  • I promise to provide a high quality product at a fair price that will last for years and years, shipped as quickly as possible along with all the phone and email support you require to get you up and running.
  • You can call me anytime on my cell phone, (844) 409-5051. I?m always working and I never sleep! (Ok, maybe sometimes.)
  • ?Buy It Now? and I will ship your part out within 24hrs (M-F) or less!
  • No Sales Tax saves you 8%
  • Faster Shipping options available at checkout.
  • Ships Internationally.
  • Return Policy. All unused items can be returned for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. Email or Call for instructions.
  • 1 Year Warranty on all parts.

FREE Replacement Instructions

(Call Jason Munson at any time for questions, 844-409-5051)

  • Unplug your stove from power.
  • Vacuum all ash from burn area along with ash drawer.
  • Remove Burn Pot and ash drawer.
  • Locate igniter on lower left side of burn arena and loosen clamp with screwdriver.
  • Trace wires from igniter back to circuit board and disconnect.
  • Remove Igniter from stove.
  • Install new igniter and attach wires to circuit board, reassemble, plug in and start.


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